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Come along with me on an adventure, I post daily vlogs on things you can do around Twin Falls.


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Day 43: Perrine Bridge Idaho Okay, let me get this straight. Perrine Bridge isn’t a place to go unless: either you know how to base jump, or you are interested in watching one take off from the bridge. The place itself has nothing around, but if you are the kind of...

Kayaking at ritter island

Day 41: kayaking at Ritter Island I hate to say it but I have a soft spot for Ritter Island, maybe because I had a great day kayaking in the waters of Thousands Springs State Park. But I have a confession to make: If you really want to have some fun in Idaho, take...

Malad Gorge

Day 39: Malad Gorge—Is It Worth a Day of Your Life? Malad River is a tributary of Snake River. The gorge itself looks quite bleak, but if you love the sight of canyons and gorges, this could turn out to be a great alienated place for the whole family. The area is an...

Bugz Is a 3D animated movie about Bugs in a post apocalyptic world.

Praying Mantis.

An evil and charismatic Svengali who tricks the cockroaches into helping him take over the bug world.

storyboard completed

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