Pricing Varies

Website design is our first and most enduring love. All of our sites are optimized for responsive display, so they’ll look pixel perfect on every platform, whether your customers are on desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. Our standard website package includes six 100% custom page designs, which tend to cover the basic needs of many businesses:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Services
  4. Blog Hub Page
  5. Blog Post Page (includes per-post social sharing via Monarch)
  6. Contact (includes email submission form powered by MailChimp or AWeber, as well as a Google map, if desired)

Our base price for website design packages is $1000 The cost of your site will be dependent on the level of customization involved in the design, as well as some of the features listed below. Most of our clients request custom design — who wants to look like everybody else? — but for clients on a budget or businesses just starting out, a simpler design might fit the bill. Ultimately, we can accommodate just about anything you might have in mind and work with you to create the site you need.


“WHAT?! But that guy online said he’d do it for $200!”

There are a number of costs to consider in our website package pricing. Yes, this cost covers design and development. It also covers a number of other services, such as:

  • Creation of a brand palette, which helps you lock down your fonts, colors and other visual elements for a consistent look and feel.
  • Helping you select the right photography for the site — you may not realize it, but strong photography is one of the most important factors in your site design. We may help you select appropriate stock photography, or we may help with creative direction on a full photo shoot.
  • Resizing and optimizing those images so that your site doesn’t run like molasses.
  • Helping you to plan and arrange your copy (if we don’t write the copy for you) and making sure that your site is set up to actually convert (that’s a fancy word for “get your customers to do what you want them to do”).
  • If you provide the copy, we typically include complimentary proofreading, just to make sure your spelling and grammar are on point.
  • Roughly a week of mobile platform testing — every site is tested on at least 8 to 10 different computer and mobile device sizes, on both Mac and PC platforms, and on both iPhone and Android mobile platforms.
  • Suggestions for additional marketing strategies you may want to undertake — with or without us — to further turbo-charge your marketing efforts.

So basically, for this price, you’re getting full-service design, development, photo/video, editorial and quality assurance consultation. You’re also getting overall business development advice, visual brand guidance and all the wisdom

You’ll also get two rounds of revision on your site design — so there’s plenty of opportunity to fine-tune as we work through the project.


“But what if I need more than 6 pages?!” Great idea — frankly, to get really good traction with The Google, you should be considering a site in the range of at least 20-30 pages. So additional pages are not a problem at all — we typically charge a per-page rate of $225 for each additional page. (This may vary if those pages include super-specialized functionality or design, but it’s a good ballpark for estimating a price.)


A super important part of this thing we marketers talk about — your “brand” — is having a consistent and recognizable visual presentation. If you already have a visual brand — typically a professional logo design, a color palette, complementary textures and a font palette — we’re more than happy to work with the materials you’ve created with your brand designer. If you don’t yet have any of these things, don’t worry! As part of the exploratory process, we will develop a branding palette for you — which is a great takeaway for later materials you’ll need, such as physical signage for your store, brochures and postcards, letterhead, business cards, promotional materials, magnets… whatever it is that you’ll happen to need. The only thing not included as a complimentary service is logo design — see pricing for logos below.


When it comes to logo design, we have folks who specialize in working with local mom-and-pop businesses, and we have designers around the globe who have worked with major international brands. As such, the cost of a logo design package can vary widely and may cost anywhere from $250-$1,500, depending on your needs.


Want to build a mailing list with your site? (Hint: The correct answer is YES.) We can include an opt-in form on your site using Bloom, which integrates with 16 different email marketing services. See our Email Marketing page for more information.


We typically build on the WordPress content management system, and for many of our designs, we like to use the Divi theme framework — it gives us the flexibility to create whatever we envision design-wise, and it’s easy for clients to update on their own since it has a very simple visual interface. We do also work on HubSpot and Squarespace, or we can hand-code any sort of custom site you’d like. If you’d like to talk about those services, drop us a note — pricing for those services is more specialized and we’ll need to talk over your plans and goals.


Our package prices do not include the following items:

Stock Photography
Though we’re happy to help you select and edit photography for your site, and we can point you in the right direction in terms of stock photo services at almost every price point, we do not actually cover the cost for the stock photos themselves. Those will need to be paid for by the client, and we typically ask that clients pay the stock photo provider directly via credit card, rather than wrap this cost into our overall project invoice.

Photo Shoots
If it’s determined that you need a photo shoot to give your site that extra oooomph, we have a huge number of contacts in Twin Falls Idaho, and we can help line you up with the right photographer — or we’re happy to work with a photographer of your choosing. We don’t, however, cover the cost of the photo shoot. We will provide an “inventory list” of photos that will be needed for the shoot, creative direction in terms of how to make the photos work optimally with the site design, and, if possible, we’d love to be there for the shoot itself.

Copywriting isn’t included in our design/development package, but it can be added on very easily. Check out our Content Marketing page for copywriting information and rates.

Ongoing Site Maintenance
Although we are more than happy to help you out with ongoing site maintenance — in fact, we have multiple options to suit your needs — this is not included as part of the initial site design contract. Check out our Website Maintenance page for more information about ongoing site maintenance.

We don’t provide hosting for most of our clients (in fact, most have hosting lined up before they come to us) — but we’re able to do so for clients who sign up for our site maintenance package.