#1) www.videocopilot.net

Video Copilot is my number 1 pick. Andrew Kramer is a funny guy and watching his tutorials is very entertaining. Not only do you have fun learning about Adobe After Effects you pick up rally good tips and tricks that you can apply to your personal projects. This website is very popular he also offers plug-ins that you can buy and make your project stand out.

#2) www.digitaltutors.com

digital tutors
Digital Tutors has a giant library of tutorials not only would you be able to learn about After Effects but you can learn various other software on their website. Training is for all skill levels you will need to buy a subscription to digital tutors, and in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

#3) www.Lynda.com


The Lynda website offer video training on all kinds of software, this is very similar to digital tutors. Lynda is a trusted source, currently as of today they have 161 after effects courses. That is mind boggling if you sat down and just watched all of the tutorials back to back you would be an after effects expert. The website is a paid membership website 24.99 per month THAT IS NOTHING for the amount of knowledge they are offering.

#4) www.udemy.com


Udemy is another great resource to learn after effects. The website offers training packaged up. Again similar to digital tutors and Lynda the only problem is that if you go with this website you are paying per course. Paying per course can add up very fast.


#5) www.creativecow.net

creative cow
Creative Cow offers an ongoing training for AE the video training is geared toward beginner and intermediate after effect user. The Website also has a great forum so if you have a question or problem you can post it and get help from the community.