1) www.digitaltutors.com

Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors has bean making tutorials for years, this is the best way to learn maya, Back in the Day This is was one of my favorite websites to learn 3D Modeling, keep in mind you normally would not learn everything from one website your best option is to learn from as many resources ad you can get your fingers on. Digital Tutors will be around for a long time, here are some of the software training they have on there website.

3Ds Max
After Effects
Auto Cat
Render Man
Toon Boom

Now Keep in mind this is not even the entire list check out this link to see the full list of software training that they cover. 1 negative thing i have to say about digital tutors is that they have so much good stuff that you don’t know what to watch first.


2) www.thegnomonworkshop.com

The Gnomon workshop

Now Gnomon Workshop is also a great website to Learn 3D modeling very similar to DigitalTutors i have it as number #2 because of it’s quality of artist that make the tutorials are amazing they work in the CG industry now here is the catch 1 paid training like all of the top 5 but thats not the issues at all, what will happen is while you watch the tutorials it’s like watching michelangelo paint, at one point you are going to be like OMG these guys are soooooo good what in the world am i doing, don’t give up just keep practicing and you will get to there point, This website was Founded by Alex Alvarez in 2000 iv never met the guy, iv only met one of his instructors threw weird random events now on this website you are going to be learning at advanced techniques in Zbrush, Maya, 3D Studio Max. Most of the training is not for beginners. so once you are ready for some more advanced stuff you should be here, you can watch online or get a DVD.


3) www.3Dbuzz.com


Now This is ONE of my favorite website of all time, i remember the first time i learned about 3D i was working at a fast food place and somebody was telling me about how cool the trolls were in lord of the rings this was back in 2001, and i remember the person saying 3D studio Max & Maya that stuck with me and i needed to find out more about these programs, fast foreword a bit back at home i looked up 3D studio Max tutorials and Maya tutorials and found 3Dbuzz This was one of the only places to find good tutorials on how to use the software. Now what made watching 3Dbuzz tutorials so addicting was the guys on the videos, they felt like they were your friends and you could relate to them they would make jokes and you would laugh with them,

Simply Maya

4) www.simplymaya.com


This is again another Great website, Now The main reason this website is sooooooo good is because of Kurt Boutilier, I know Kurt he has helped make tutorials for cgwhat, i feel like i know a celebrity, Kurt has probobly thought 1000’s of people how to 3D model he walks people threw 3D modeling process step by step nothing is skipping, sometimes you will see a tutorial on the internet they will say ok I’m going to pause this for a bit and work on it, they come back & boom they come back and it’s a master peace and your like what happened here my 3D model looks nothing like that. That dose not happen with Kurt’s tutorials you see every step


5) www.lynda.com

Lynda website

Soooooo much information on Lynda i wish there was a device that you could plug you brain in to and get all the knowledge from lynda. This website has tutorials on anything and everything. i even used to watch tutorials on Lynda before taking a class and then the teacher would be asking me how to do stuff. lynda covers any software that is popular you will get a full tutorial on how the program works, Now the key thing here is lynda is more about showing you the buttons and what they do all of the other websites i mentioned before they are more about ok we are going to show you practical examples how to use the software lets make a character, now i do also want to say they have how to 3D model tutorials on Lynda as well but not as much as other websites mentioned.