Pricing varies

SEO is a hugely important part of any digital marketing strategy — but what the heck does it even mean?

Modern SEO measures are part art, part science. The term describes a combination of factors that make your site more friendly to search engines: strong content, proper coding techniques and a host of small enhancements that can boost your chances of making it to that coveted first page of search results. But search algorithms change frequently, and staying on top of what will help or hurt your site can be a full-time job.

Because SEO is a ground-up process, we currently only offer SEO services to our website design clients. If you’d like our help with SEO — yup, you’ll have to hire us to build you an entire website.

First, we’ll help you work out a solid keyword strategy. Then we’ll ensure that your site is structured properly from the get-go. We’ll make sure the technical aspects of your site are optimized to make Google happy. And finally, whether you’re writing your site copy or we are, we’ll make sure it’s keyword optimized in the right way — not in the cheap, creepy, black-hat way. (We’ve actually tutored several clients through the process so successfully that they were able to create their own content and get solid #1 rankings with Google.)

Last but not least, we’ll make sure your site is properly optimized — that you have no broken links or malware, that your site runs like a gazelle and that it fully passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. (These things are all a given on every single site we build. But we’ll double check, anyway. And then we’ll encourage you to take us up on our Website Maintenance package, to ensure that it all stays that way for the long haul.)

Please note that we do not currently offer link-building services, incoming link analysis or monthly SEO packages of any type. Our monthly Website Maintenance package does, however, include monitoring in Google Search Console.



Local SEO is critical for brick-and-mortar businesses — is your information current and consistent across the board? Is lack of consistency hurting your Google ranking? We’ll audit your local NAP (name-address-phone) listings and submit or update your directory listings in the right places across the internet.


Pricing varies

Reputation management is another important part of the SEO game — one that is equal parts social and search. Imagine that a potential customer looks your business up on Yelp or Foursquare — and finds a bad review. We can do a full audit of your company’s online reviews and handle the task of replying to both praise and criticism from customers in a way that will put your business in the best light. Note that pricing for this service definitely varies depending on the size and nature of your problem.