Zombie Bunny Boss

Zombie Bunny Boss

All games that i have played have a Boss characters, and it’s not just like one boss, that’s it it’s usually multiple bosses and then you get to the final boss. each boss is more tough to beat when making this game this was the first boss this is a Big bunny.

Also i want to talk about how this game started, i was working at SkinCareRx and there was a Programmer there totally forgot his name but what happen is he found out that i was really in to 3D modeling, We wanted to enter a XNA Contest this was a long time again, so we first needed an idea for a game and i was throwing out craze ideas like zombie bunny’s vs like a turtle all kinds of crazy ideas the next day he stooped by my desk and said i think i like that Zombie bunnies ideas so we went with that.

This is Also A Maya Tutorial



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February 5, 2016