This Is my tedx talk i am so happy that i was able to do a tedx talk, This all started when i was informed that there would be  a tedx talk in twin Falls i was very surprised at first i just wanted to watch the talks but then it turned in to i should apply and see what happens, to my surprise, i was picked out of all of the people that applied

Here is a Link to The Slide Show And This is how it Went

Hi I’m Arnel and i like Making Stuff

Three years ago, i had an idea, my idea was to make a 3D animated movie about bugs in a post apocalyptic world. The idea sounded crazy, and it still is, mainly because I don’t have millions of dollars to fund this projects. All I have is the  idea and motivation.

2nd Slide: Mount Everest
Just like Mt. Everst, I needed to hit certain check points to get to the top. I needed a script, storyboards, voiceovers, 3D models, and animation.

3rd Slide: Sketch – Cyrus (drawn and painted)
Talk: I want to introduce you all to Cyrus, a 2D representation. Cyrus is Praying Mantis who wants to take over the world. Unfortunately, he’s a manipulative person who’s influencing others people to help him achieve his goals. Basically, he’s the bad guy!

Let me show you what I mean.

Action: Show 1 minute clip

Slide 4: 2d to 3d
That was a lot of Fun. We made about 30 minutes, thats about 2,500 storyboards. The transition to 2D to 3D is made possible by these different softwares.

Slide 5: Different Softwares

The most common programers you will see is animation; Maya, Zbrush, or Solidworks;
Maya is great for animating and rendering.
ZBrush is used for sculpting characters.
Solid works is a CAD program that a lot of engineers us to specify an exact dimension of an object.

Slide 6: Blender
You can even get a free 3D program called Blender which allows you to model and animate characters.

Slide 7: Zbrush Slide
So what we did, we took Cyrus from 2D to 3D using Zbrush. It’s almost as if we were making Cyrus out of clay. Once we were happy with his look, we took him back to Maya.

Slide 8: Maya Slide
We set up proper lighting, texture and rendered it. This is the final 3D representation of Cyrus. I wanted to take Cyrus to the next level, so….

Slide 9 : Cyrus Foot
I printed his foot for a test. After the first test, I decided to that I wanted him bigger.

Reveal the 3D Cyrus and Slide10:

and now we have his whole body. 3D printing allow me to bring Cyrus to life. Now, some of you are sitting here and thinking, great, but I don’t want to make a movie. but I do have an idea for a product that I have yet to see on the market. How can 3D printing help me??

Slide 11: 3D Printing Capabilities

With 3D printing, anything is possible. (talk brief about each image)…. I know 3D printing may sound complicating, but its not. It uses the same concepts as the one you have at home. (Explain how a regular printer works with inc and explain 3D)

Slide 12: Lynda Slide
So, how can you learn more about 3D printing?
I have personally went the self-taught route. Going to websites like Lynda and spending hours and hours watching tutorials. If some of you have issues falling asleep, I suggest watching one of these tutorials.

Some may need a more hands-on approach, and there are classes offered through CSI Community Ed.

Now, some may not have any interest in the design, but would like a product. You can collaborate with local professional to get your product made.

My message to you is that everyone has an idea. It’s up to you to decide if you want to share it with the world and 3D printing can make it a reality.

As Shia Labuff once said, Don’t let your dream be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it.

Thank You.


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April 18, 2016