Roly Poly Clown: Pixar Character

Roly Poly Clown: Pixar Character

Roly Poly Clown is a rocking, chiming clown toy for young children with a hand-painted jacket and yellow stripes and a party hat. It is one of Andy’s toys, seen in Toy Story and Toy Story 2. While not being able to talk, he mainly communicates through facial expressions. The Roly Poly Clown also must rely on rolling around to get places, since he has no feet. When not out, the Roly Poly Clown resides in Andy‘s toy box.

This is the third character that i did, here is a simple model that anybody can make this model is supper simple but as you can see in the tutorial things can get complicated fast i think i ran in to some Photoshop issues.


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February 4, 2016