Lenny: Pixar Character

Lenny: Pixar Character


is a pair of small, bright blue binoculars with orange feet. He is used as binoculars by the other toys in various situations and is talkative when he warns and reports the toys what he sees on his watch. Since Lenny doesn’t have a mouth, it is always assumed that he cannot talk. However, when a scene focuses on him, you can indeed hear his voice. Lenny also appears to walk very slowly since he is such a small toy. Although, Lenny is not a major character, he is probably one of the most notable supporting characters, as he is usually seen alongside many of the main toys, such as Woody, Bo Peep, Buzz, etc. It is shown in the first film that Lenny lives on Andy’s bookshelf in behind some of his books.Source

Here is a Tutorial That i Made This is a Pixar tribute. My Goal was to 3D model every Pixar character to try to get as good as Pixar 3D modelers.

I Had 20 mins transcribed, WOW my mind is crazy this is how the tutorial went

 Hey everybody, welcome back to a new modelling tutorial.  I haven’t modelled in a while so thought I should pick up the pace again. I always do this like: “model a little bit, take a break, model a little bit, take a break”, so I’m going to give myself a huge project, so this will take a while to do, so what I was thinking of doing next is basically what would be a really good way of kind of learning to model really, really, really good is by doing every Pixar character movie by movie. And then by the end of all the movies we should be pretty much as good as Pixar hopefully, so we’re going to start out with Toy Story 1, and then just knock out EVERTHING. I mean, that’s insane! This is probably done with a ton of people but this is just going to be done with one person. Now, after this is finished then we’ll move on to a second movie. Then we go back to Toy Story 2 and then so on and so on and so on until all of the movies are complete. So at the end hopefully what we should really have is like… I also kinda wanna kinda like… you know… every character that we do is like… I wanna kinda like… rig it really easy, like a simple rig on it and make it like Moverone or do something.  I just don’t want a picture or a 360 of it. I want it to kinda walk round and be like: “yeah, yeah. We did that”.  So that’s basically the plan, I mean, right now we’re just all over the place. It’s like “bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.”  But I feel like if we just do every one of these characters and every one movie then we’ll be really, really good.  

(2:03 – 2:28)  So I’m gonna start off with something very easy because, as you see, last time I modelled, I don’t know if this is even correct… January 28th?  Maybe this was when I was fixing the site. The site always has issues so… I have to reload it and blah blah blah.  Anyhoo, I’m just gonna go ahead and start with something pretty easy

(2:29 – 4:02)   And we will be redoing Buzz Lightyear so on this one we’re…I did finish it…I finished it to the head, but then something happened, the Camtasia recording got messed up and then I was like: “no way Jose am I gonna be doing this again” so I just like….”pssht…well, you guys are on your own from this point on”, so hopefully this doesn’t happen. I’m not trying to document this whole process of making every one of these models.  So we’re gonna start with something very easy, because I don’t even know if I even know how to model anymore, honestly.  So I’ve just tried to load my shelf here and it didn’t work so I’ve had to pretty much create a new shelf.  And I think I got the majority of the tools that I need so we’re gonna go ahead and get started on the project. So, first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and need to set a project.  So, to do that… this is hilarious…I don’t even remember how to even do that.  Was it  <Project New>? Or <File>? Here we go, it was right here. Set <Project> or… <Project Window>.  There we go.  

(4:02 – 6:03)  OK so we got to create a new project and call it <New> and call this… we’re gonna create something called Lenny first, it’s like a magnifying… it’s not a magnifying glass, it’s like binoculars.  I think his name is Lenny.  OK and… yeah…good, I think that’s it but then we got to go <File>, <Set Project>, <Lenny>, <Set>, <File>, <New Scene>, <Don’t Save>.  OK, so I’ve set some, I’ve got some reference images for that so here he is, it’s like, let me see if I can bring him in here, it’s kinda like a magnifying glass. Not a magnifying glass, I don’t know, I keep saying that. It’s just like a toy that kinda looks like this.  Here’s a model somebody already did.  So we’re just probably gonna be shooting for something like this.  Here’s a kinda like a side that’ll help out perspective. But it’s kind of weird because like from these pictures it looks like it’s kinda like skinny, but then from some of these other ones it looks like it’s huge.  These eyes are huge. So, I mean, think I’m gonna go off of like this is the actual one in the movie. Not this. More like this.  OK, so, alright, I don’t even know if we need reference images to be imported. Let me see what I could import.  

(6:08 – 6:44) You know what? Let’s just import whatever.  Anything would help. So, I’m gonna be putting up this new shelf.  Apparently the old shelf just doesn’t work. So, I should be already kinda like a novice on how to do this so I don’t think I need to explain what I’m doing in most of these scenarios here, you should be able just to follow along.  So, alright.  Setting image bling. 

(6:44 – 8:03)  OK, Toy Story 1, Lenny, oh that’s not Lenny, I thought I clicked on Lenny. Weird mouse that I’ve got…wireless.  OK, I think we need this.  The reason we need this is so I can see how the front will be and I’m hitting six. Alright. God, it’s like I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.  It’s like, this is what happens.  This is exact same thing that happened today I also went to the gym.  I took like a three-month break from the gym and I was almost was exhausted today.  I was like “oh, I can do this easy”…nope! Same exact deal with modelling, it’s like “if you don’t do it then you just become sucky at it”. So, this is what you’re witnessing right now is just me sucking at it so I do apologise.  I’ll probably get better as we go through the models. 

(8:05 – 9:28)  So, new layer, I’m just having to refresh my mind like “what did I use to do?” Like that!   That’s that.  And…..it’s like: “this is how you model! I forgot!” Alright, why is this all weird like this? I have no idea. No I don’t want colour, I want an image.  Where is the image?  I don’t know which one I want to really trust.  I feel like… that one seems good… bring up the hyper shade. Make sure I’m also recording and apparently I am. So that’s fine.  

(9:32– 10:51)  Ok, this, I’m gonna kinda… it’s just us setting it up so here we go, we’re getting there people.  To the actual modelling here.  I just want this to kinda be like right over here something like that. Something I actually want to model. Like, “oh OK”. OK, OK, OK. I feel like I should watch the movie as well and like “pause, take a picture, pause, take a picture”  Good idea. I might actually do that.   They’re like “what is he doing?”  I’m putting pictures around so I can kinda see how it looks like.  

(10:56– 12:41)  OK.  I like that one. That’ll be helpful.  I feel like if I go watch the movie then I’ll be just like “oh I’m watching the movie, oh I’m supposed to model…oops”  OK. Let’s use that.  Hyper shader. God, why is this hyper shader so frigging huge?  Alright, good enough. Who cares?  OK, and let’s get rid of some of this stuff that we’re not gonna be using.  God, how do I even… time slider… taking up too much space really.  Arrange slider.  

12:43 – (13:21) So we’re not gonna be doing any animation stuff, we’re just gonna be modelling so I’m gonna try….I’m really gonna need a bigger monitor. Like what would be really nice is one of those Apple 27 inch monitors then you’d be like, you’d have as much space as you really want.  OK, so… alright good enough. Alright so this is the set up let’s go ahead and get started on this I guess. And I’m missing a lot of tools here, so I don’t know how this is gonna go.  So, we’ll just see what happens. 

(13:23– 14:38)  Obviously, let’s talk about the shape here. This looks like it’s a cylinder so we’ll need a cylinder.  OK, and we will need to rotate this cylinder ninety degrees and we’re gonna use this guy as the correct format here. I think he’s fine. So I’m just gonna drag this in here and I want to have it like that big.  Or I’m wondering if I should just use… a cylinder like this. <CAPS 0>.  I think that’s a good idea.  And ninety degrees.  <90 Enter>  Ah, I do not feel confident at modelling right now at all, because this used to be a walk through a park now it’s like “oh god, oh god”.  

(14:47 – 16:07)  Alright, so…..say something like this.  Maybe it just needs more division so forty. I really don’t care. This isn’t gonna be in a game or anything like that. Alright. Then, basically to round this off…let’s first look over here…yeah. Alright, so I think what we’re gonna have to do is obviously we’re gonna have to kinda make it like this, or, better yet, since we know this is the correct shape in the front of the eye, it means this is correct up here.  So that means is in the back here this will be coming down like so but we don’t know link like this way.  Because we don’t have a side view except this crappy one over here.  So normally we would have reference images like 2D artist gives you a front and a side and then you’re like “make this”, but you know it’s not like I can have that, like “hey Billy, where are these reference images?”  

(16:12 – 20:09)  OK, so first challenge here is that we need this.  <Extrude>.  What?!  What is this?!  Alright, so it looks like it’s going to kinda bevel off… but not so fast. Make sure…looking at this…. correct…I think that’s fine.  How much does this go in?  It seems like it goes pretty deep in. Like that far?  Then, it looks kinda like we do have another bevel. Kinda like this. All that will be blue. And then this will be…hmm.  I wonder if I should make this a separate object or part of this one.  And I will… make it a separate object as his eyes need to move around, so rather than conforming it, yeah, I’m definitely gonna make that a separate object so I’m just gonna do another cylinder…. <40 CAPS 0>…. <90 ENTER>.  And I should probably start like just adding like some colours for this so I’m gonna bring up my thing here. This is probably gonna be like a blend, and here we can go colour,  Pick a colour, any colur, this colour, and then I think what we’re gonna need to do is double click on it here, and increase its saturation kinda like this. Maybe I picked on a bad spot. There we go, that’ll do.


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February 4, 2016