In today’s highly visual society, photos and videos are more important than ever in terms of communicating your message — for articles, webpages, email newsletters, social media and even press releases. We’d be happy to help you create original photos or videos, or even to find appropriate stock imagery, to make your project stand out.


Pricing varies

Need original photography for your website or marketing project? We work with a stable of extremely talented professional photographers with different styles and subject expertise all over the United States. We’d be happy to help arrange a studio or location photo shoot for you — please note that cost will vary dependent on the photographer you select for your shoot, the type and length of the shoot, number of locations, and amount of travel involved.



We’ll be rolling out amazing new storytelling-based videos early in the summer of 2016. Brand videos will typically include interviews, footage of your workspace or retail space, demonstrations of you performing your craft, and any other fun things we can think of — these videos really give us a chance to have fun and get creative. Each session includes 2 hours of shooting time and 2 hours of editing and approval time. Music licensing is not included with brand videos, but we can help you locate music within your budget, and we’ll be happy to help recommend something appropriate for your finished piece.



Need stock images for your site, email newsletter or social media pages? Our expert photo researchers have years of experience choosing strong images to complement your copy. We’re available to help out with one image or a batch of several hundred. Please note that our photo research rates do not include licensing fees — we’re happy to work with your specifications in terms of cost limits for paid stock images. Photo editing, cropping or resizing may result in additional cost, depending on the amount of editing required. We will refuse any requests that violate photographers’ licensing agreement.