Day 41: kayaking at Ritter Island

I hate to say it but I have a soft spot for Ritter Island, maybe because I had a great day kayaking in the waters of Thousands Springs State Park. But I have a confession to make: If you really want to have some fun in Idaho, take some friends along with you. However, Ritter Island has some very nice views, so going alone could also work out. I personally loved the sight of Minnie Miller Springs that are the only natural springs in Thousands Springs Complex. You will love to run your hands through the pure spring water. You can stand-up paddleboard, kayak and canoe depending on your taste. The springs cascading from cliffs are a treat to look at.

Ritter Island is one of the five other units of Thousands Spring State Park. You can access it either from the Highway 30 or from the Wendell Exit on Interstate 84. The park is no more than 1.5 hours from Boise.

We couldn’t try many things as we were short on time, but there are many things that you can do within the park. We enjoyed Kayaking and getting lost. If you want to visit other parts of the park, you better not get lost. The water is stagnant with very low flow-gradient. You will have to paddle quite frequently, except for when the wind is blowing ferociously.

We couldn’t do every thing that was on our list, but if you are going there, go early and spend a lot of time there, it’s totally worth it.

Hike to Bonnieview

This is a very kid-friendly hike, so if you are visiting the park with your family, you can surely do the hiking on this grassy walking trail.

Visit the original Dairy Barn

The famous dairy barn of the park was founded by a lady in 1900s after whom the Minnie Miller Springs are named (Bonnieview is named after daughter Bonnie who would regularly hike out to the Snake River).

Attend the Arts & Crafts Festival

If you are planning a visit around September, you can also attend the Arts & Crafts Festival. Do let me know how was it.

The place is a bliss and you should really come here, but the fact that the park is quite scattered, here are a few tips that you should follow:

  • Take a GPS tracker with you as the signage isn’t very helpful.
  • You can also bring some fishing gear with you as the place is a breeding ground for trout.
  • The place is a hidden gem and you may have to walk around a lot to explore the park. Have some snacks with you to avoid going low on energy.
  • You can also trail to the Malad Gorge, but do check my review of the place first.