Let’s not mince words. When it comes to engaging your customers, email marketing is your best friend. Social media algorithms are constantly changing, and online trends shift like the sand — but email marketing gives you a constant, reliable way to make direct contact with your customers. For every $1 spent, the average return on investment for email marketing is $44.25. Ask yourself: Can you really afford not to be using email marketing to promote your business? We’d love to set up a package for you involving any or all of the following services:


Pricing Varies

No idea what to send to your readers? We can definitely help. We’ll sit down with you and review your site content plan, your critical promotions and other essential marketing messaging, then leave you with a 3-month or 6-month email newsletter schedule.



If you don’t already have a way for your customers to subscribe to your newsletter on-site, setting up your lists is where you’ll want to start. We can help select a mailing list service and then set up your email list (or lists) according to your goals.


Pricing Varies

For our Divi clients, we can help you integrate a list signup form using the Bloom plugin, which works with 16 different email marketing services. Clients using other platforms will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Pricing for integration varies depending on how much site design must be altered to accommodate signup forms.


Pricing Varies

No matter what type of newsletter you decide to send, we can help create an attractive, custom template your subscribers will look forward to receiving. Pricing for this service is dependent on the email marketing service and the complexity desired for your design.



Want to free yourself from the hassle of writing something every week? We’d love to take that off your plate. As with all our editorial services, we’ll do our best to pair you with a writer with strong expertise in your subject matter.



The actual deployment process can be a bit unglamorous — testing, list maintenance and analytics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you handle your normal day-to-day.