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Winter Is Coming

This was a good day, I found some cool spots explored nature it was an awesome day i went North my plan was to go to Red Fish lake but the sun started setting and had to turn around.


Good Day

This Day started off like any other day, it was a bit windy and light rain i started my adventure i stooped by 1000 springs and was really happy how that went, i finally made it to the wind farms was epic.


Macka, Rocky, Charlie & Tom

Stayed up late last night as usual i was looking threw some old video footage thought i should make a video about pets started editing this video made me really sad because i don't see macka anymore ;(


Sandwiches Film Festival

I had no plans today, Danny gave me a heads up about the Sandwiches Film Festival since i diffident have any other plans I went and checked it out, it was awesome loved meeting new people great time


Homeless Cave WTF

Today was an interesting day we started it off with diet coke and mentos and for us it just did not work that good we did the water bottle flip and then while in rock creek we found a Homeless Cave it was crazy.


Magic Reservoir Idaho

Today I wanted to go north, I wanted to go really really far north i first stopped at Shoshone Idaho check it out it's a small town, then i went and checked out Magic Reservoir it was pretty cool check out the video.


GoPro Hero 5 Bike Test

Today was just a chill day, I was not even going to make a vlog today but i felt the need to go out side and ride my bike, i decided to bring my GoPro Hero 5 with me just in case i saw something cool


The Hair Whip

i was at the bar and for some odd reason i thought it would be fun to make a video, so i decided that i would have fun and have some girls to the the hair whip and i would record it in slow motion.


hagerman idaho

fun day at hagerman idaho, i do want to go back again and do a river rafting trip, and check out some more cool stuff you can do around hagerman, overall i would recommend this place for anybody


gopro hero 5 stability test

Today i went on a shopping spree i got the new GoPro hero 5 iv very happy with it, im going to try to make that as my main camera for the Vlog, and also got a graphic card so i could edit a bit more efficiently, very happy...



Iv visited a lot of cool places today i decided to make like a montage of all of my favorite shots and spots that i was able to explore, iv had a lot of fun exploring these places hopefully people will go out and explore...


Salmon Dam Idaho

Today i decided that i needed to go south so i went to go check out salmon dam i arrived and it was pretty cool after that adventure i moved on to cedar creek reservoir my car was not able to make it all the way to the...


look at that

after visiting the Idaho Power plant i noticed a spot that seemed interested so today's adventure was checking out a spot near idaho power, the spot turned out to be really cool the thing i was not expecting was all of the...


Twin Falls At 3AM

take a look at this epic video, see twin falls from a different perspective i was very impressed by this video, Twin falls is what you make it to be, check out some of the other videos on cgwhat for your daily dose of fun.


Filer & Buhl

Today i wanted to stop by Filer and Buhl the main reason i wanted to stop by was so i can place it on my map of the places iv seen and visited there was not much to explore i walked around a bit the thing i learned was i...


Drone Accidents

Recently i sent the DJI phantom 3 in for repair, the gimbal was having some issues i would have to turn it on and off a few times to get the gimbal to work, so i called DJI support they they told me to send it in so i did...


Idaho Power

i got a chance to hang out with Danny we met at burger stop best burgers in twin falls, after that i went and explored Idaho Power Park, the place has a nice park, a trail, and really good spots for fishing, i also got to...


DJI Phantom 4

Today i went and got a DJI Phantom 4, my current drone is in repair, i really wanted to test out this new drone to see if it was better then my current phantom 3 and i can tell you it's a day and night difference for me, it...


Polar Plunge

I got in the car and decided that i was going to go Dierkes Lake and Jump in the Water, The Crazy part is that Is very cold and it's reining lol but i got there did it it was a great experience i can tell you it was very...


Car & Drone Issues

Today's adventure started off with me wanting to return my DJI phantom 3 for repair the gimbal is not working correctly and the distance also has an issues so i sent it in for repair. I started my car up and tried to go in...


lamborghinis and knowledge

On This Day i decided to work on cgwhat. I had a suggesting that i should pin all the places that iv visited so i made a map showing all the places i have visited and made a video about, after that was finished i went to...


Lucky Peak

Today's adventure I helped Miro drop off Maya at the airport afterwords we were at some furniture stores, afterwords we went to Starbucks and met another Youtube Vloger was really cool I'm not the only one doing vlogs in...


Oakley Dam

This was a fun but also dangerous adventure, i found about this place threw a friends Facebook post and i thought it would be a good idea to go and explore it, the main issue i ran in to there is no clear trail or how to get...


1000 youtube subscribers

After doing 50 vlogs iv hit 1000 youtube subscribers thank you for all of my youtube subscribers that have hit the subscribe button i will be sure to keep making more fun videos to keep you guys entertained.


Mercedes 560 SL

The Mercedes-Benz R107 and C107 are automobiles which were produced by Mercedes-Benz from 1971 through 1989, being the second longest single series ever produced by the automaker, after the G-Class. They were sold under the...


The best selfie stick

I have found the best selfie stick you can have, This is my 4th or 5th selfie stick and the best selfie stick is actually 3 sticks combined in to one, so a good selfie stick to me is, it can fit in your pocket, it has a...



The world was destroyed by humans with bombs during a war. The bugs formed their new colonies. The colony at the center of our movie is an ant colony ruled by a young QUEEN FIRE ANT who is very spoiled and has many servants...


Centennial Waterfront Park

Centennial Park is Just a few mins iv visited it many times but i have never went on the trail today i decided to go check out the trail that the base jumpers use and see the trail for my self it's amazing the things you...


Clif Bar Twin Falls

Clif Bar & Company has already employed more than 200 people The bakery features lots of windows, vaulted skylights and light-directing solatubes i had a great time at the opening i loved the cardboard bike, i was not...


Dog In Hot Car

  Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe many people are unaware of the danger of leaving pets in hot cars and will quickly return to their vehicle once they are alerted to the situation. On a 90-degree day, the...


Don’t Be Creepy

Day 44: Don’t be Creepy There are times when you are heartbroken, low, and hopeless; suddenly, you get the epiphany that pizzas still exist. Why wouldn’t someone want to get all sad when they can get to eat the whole pizza....


Party Arnel

Day 43: Perrine Bridge Idaho Okay, let me get this straight. Perrine Bridge isn’t a place to go unless: either you know how to base jump, or you are interested in watching one take off from the bridge. The place itself has...


Bucket List

3 must-have bucket list ideas to have on your list We usually set bucket list that seems inevitably impossible to accomplish. I have seen people writing stuff like “get to the moon”, or “take a space ride” on their list....


Kayaking at ritter island

Day 41: kayaking at Ritter Island I hate to say it but I have a soft spot for Ritter Island, maybe because I had a great day kayaking in the waters of Thousands Springs State Park. But I have a confession to make: If you...



LAKE CLEVELAND Lake Cleveland Campground is a very popular summer recreational facility a friend told me about this place and i had to go check it out, i was not sure what to expect, At first i noticed hummm it looks like...


Malad Gorge

Day 39: Malad Gorge—Is It Worth a Day of Your Life? Malad River is a tributary of Snake River. The gorge itself looks quite bleak, but if you love the sight of canyons and gorges, this could turn out to be a great alienated...


City Of Rocks

Day 33: City of Rocks National Reserve If there had been something in Idaho that I really loved going to, it was City of Rocks National Reserve Park. To be there was different. The expansive, green mountainous landscape,...


Cliff Jumping Part 1

dierkes lake in twin falls is a great place to do some cliff jumping in todays adventure i went to dierkes lake park at the park you are able to do some small cliff jumps i also got a chance to fly the drone. i then ventured...


Bike Ride

Today was recall not that of an interesting day i did not have any big plans so i did a bike ride, threw down town and then i road my bike all the way to the canyon ridge it was great exercise but not that interesting of a...

Auger Falls Idaho

Day 20: Auger Falls My impression about Idaho wasn’t that great, and considering I didn’t take a start with better destinations, I felt quite bored. Moreover, after a few days, I realized that I would have to cheer myself up, dance it off a little bit, or maybe even...


Fixing Computers

in this particular video I diagnose a GX 270 Dell and it appears that it had a problem with the power supply and the other computer simply had a bad hard drive watch exactly how I diagnose this particular PC and maybe you'll...



In this particular video I go back to the Brickhouse and if don't know what that is typically it's a place where everybody in Twin Falls goes out on a Friday and a Saturday it's the best place to party anyways this...

Bannana Delivery

It’s day two,Idea day first things first i’m here at McDonald’s as you can see i’m going to get some food and i have to go to the gym, i’m heading to the gym now this gym is amazing nobody is there, the gym is always empty, there is nobody here so fall of these...

What a majestic dog

Vlog is going to be about coming up with an idea every Day, Have 24 hours to make the idea reality. Me going to places( i don't want to be cooped up in the House ) and i have to also do some bucket list items & drone Flying & bike Rides Learing new Stuff and...

Choosing The right Game Engine

In the market for Game Engine but not sure who to choose? Check out our review below. Unity 3D (Best) If you’re looking for the “Cadillac” of gaming engines, look no further. Simply put, unity does the job and does it right! Ask anyone who has put work into the game...

Getting Started with 3D Design

There are several reasons people give for joining the world of 3D design. Aspirations range from making a television show to full blown game design. Below are some helpful tips to consider before submerging yourself with all of the available options in the 3d design...

Batman vs superman dawn of justice

There has been such a wide range of mixed reviews in response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But Despite whether you are for or against its creation, there’s no denying it’s visual appeal. It’s not difficult to see that expense was all but spared on the...

6 WebDesign Books

If you’ve been around the design world for any amount of time, you know that there is no shortage of resources available, ranging from novice to expert. Check out our short-list of books that you would be wise to add to your design library. 1) The Principles of...

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3d animations

Here are some Cool 3d animations, These are Funny 3D Animated Short Films some made by studios some made by individuals Big Buck Bunny(the cool thing about big buck bunny is it was made in free 3D program blender) Brain Divided (This is almost like the movie inside...

Best rendering software

Best rendering software There Are many different Rendering Software for a 3D artist to pick from, here are my top 5 picks that i think are the best. When you 3D model a scan or a character you want the best photorealistic rendering possible. How do you get to that...

Top 5 backpacks for graphic designers

Laptop Backpacks for Graphic Designers It can be overwhelming choosing a backpack among the thousands of options to available to consumers. Here are my top 5 picks I would recommend for graphic designers. #1) Amazon Basics Backpack Amazon Basics Backpack- $29.99...

Best game engine

Unireal 4 vs Unity , which is the best choice for you? written by: thedon1 Unity and Unreal are the most popular game engines in the market today. Many game developers use their own custom game engines but still there is a large number who depend on third party game...

How to become a animator

How to become a animator So you’ve decided you want to become an animator? Or maybe you’re not so sure about it, but the possibility still intrigues you? Whatever your case, here are a few important tips you might want to consider regarding a career in animation:...

Top 5 Websites To Learn 3D Modeling

1) www.digitaltutors.com Digital Tutors Digital Tutors has bean making tutorials for years, this is the best way to learn maya, Back in the Day This is was one of my favorite websites to learn 3D Modeling, keep in mind you normally would not learn everything from one...