1000 Bucket List Ideas

I Want to tell you guys about my crazy list. One day driving back from Bosie, Idaho I decided that I wanted to make a list of all of the things I wanted to do. This way I had a clear vision of exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

Once I got home, I was very excited to start writing everything down. The list became like a life list this to me represented everything I wanted to do and accomplish before I die. Most people call it a “Bucket List” for some reason I don’t like calling it a bucket list. To me, it sounds like I’m going to die soon, and I need to get these things done. But for me it’s just a road map.

The list was originally 500 things I wanted to do. And that occupied only the front side of the paper, once I realized I had a whole another side of the paper I thought to myself why not 1000 things and then that happened. Now keep in mind keeping track of 1000 things is very hard, and I KNOW I have duplicates, one of my tasks on the list is to find the duplicates and replace the thing with different goals. I also wanted to share my list with people and might inspire them to make their list or just use the one I have created. I also wanted to share my progress with people, so my new plan for cgwhat.com blog side is to start posting my progress to me the only way the list counts is if i have a pic or video of me doing the task. it’s that simple.

part one of the bucket list

1000 bucket list

part 2 of the bucket list


If you are interested in helping me clean up the duplicates please let me know, or if you think you can help me with any of the things on the list let me know again.

Hope you guys like my list and have fun.

Starting Today i will post 1 accomplishment with a pic or video